Independent Audiobook Award Nominee

Independent Audiobook Award Nominee

Independent Audiobook Award Nominee


Nominated in the Anthology category for Kissed by Literature by Jordan Elizabeth, produced by Jayme Mattler with an ensemble cast of narrators. 

1st Place, Best Debut Narrator

Independent Audiobook Award Nominee

Independent Audiobook Award Nominee


In 2019, Heather was voted Best Debut narrator in Audiobook Obsession's Romance Audiobook Awards.

listener reviews


 Heather Firth is amazing at storytelling. This book with it's 5   points of view, 4 of them being male was easy to listen to, we knew who  was  speaking and flowed effortlessly. I really enjoyed her narration  of the  story and can't wait for the next in the series. ~Patricia, Audiobook Addiction 


Heather Firth is a fabulous narrator & storyteller. She performs the voices of all the different characters, switching vocals back and forth effortlessly without missing a beat. She sets the perfect tone & pace for the story bringing the characters and their story to life from the pages to your ears. ~Bette, Audiobook Obsession Reviewer 


The wonderful comedic timing of Heather Firth truly brings this story to life. I can't get enough of her narrations, with her ability to give me both laughter and heartfelt portrayals in her performances. Her voices are spot on and I can see the story unfold as she tells it. ~Patricia, Audiobook Addiction   

The narrator brought the story to life with her talent. She was  able to capture the characters and make you feel like a part of the story, I really enjoy listening to narrative that can do this. 

~Mickey,  Audible Listener 

Heather Firth was fantastic! She was upbeat and fun... just what this  book calls for. There were some sections in the story that were so  funny that you could feel Miss Firth's smiles! 

~Sara, Audible Listener  

Heather Firth did an absolutely amazing job with this book. Each  character was easily discernible, consistent, and full of personality.  ~Audible Listener

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