Heather Firth
Audiobook Narrator

Heather Firth
Audiobook Narrator

About Me


Experienced and Versatile Actress

Heather was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, where she still currently resides. She started acting at the age of 12 and has extensive on-stage theater experience. She received her BFA in Dramatic Arts from The University of Lethbridge. In her spare time she enjoys singing and reading, of course! In 2015 she became an audiobook listener and soon realized she could combine her love of acting and audibooks. It was then her audiobook narration career was born.

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Working With Heather

Heather is a (Facebook) award winning audiobook narrator who has been praised by listeners for her ability to be an engaging storyteller who delivers with both personality and emotion.  Heather enjoys working with Indie authors and publishers of all sizes. She records audiobooks from her professional home studio. She loves meeting new people and would love to work with you too! Please CONTACT ME to learn more!

featured titles


The Fine Line Between Love & Hate


Author: Ashley Erin
Genre: Romantic Comedy
"Heather Firth was fantastic! She was upbeat and fun... just what this book calls for. There were some sections in the story that were so funny that you could feel Miss Firth's smiles!  

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Whole Lotta Frogs

Author: Samatha Harris

Genre: Romantic Comedy

"Heather Firth's performance was flawless. 

The tone and pace flows through smoothly. 

Her performance brings it into a real life experience." 

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Author: Sara Fields

Genre: Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance

"Heather Firth is amazing at storytelling. This book with it's 5 points of view, 4 of them being male was easy to listen to, we knew who was speaking and flowed effortlessly."

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