The Fine Line Between Love and Hate


A Mistik Ridge Novel

Author: Ashley Erin

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release: 2018


  •  Heather Firth gives life to these spunky characters without going over the top.  ~Karin, Audible Listener
  •  Heather Firth was fantastic! She was upbeat and fun... just what this book calls for. There were some sections in the story that were so funny that you could feel Miss Firth's smiles! ~Sara, Audible Listener 
  •  Heather Firth is a fabulous narrator & storyteller. She performs the voices of all the different characters, switching vocals back and forth effortlessly without missing a beat. She sets the perfect tone & pace for the story bringing the characters and their story to life from the pages to your ears. ~Bette, Audiobook Obsession Reviewer