prisoners of hope


Author: Barbara Fradkin
Genre: Mystery
Release: 2020

Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC


Georgian Bay: a spectacular terrain of  granite shores, deserted islands, and infinite sparkling bays. As part  of her cross-Canada charity tour, Amanda Doucette has planned a kayaking  trip in the area for abused families from a rural Ontario community.  While exploring some remote islands offshore, she and a local tour guide  rescue a frightened young woman whose boat has capsized. 

In an apparent act of kindness, the tour guide takes the woman to  shore, leaving Amanda stranded. But when news surfaces that a wealthy  doctor has died at his estate and his Filipino nanny has gone missing,  Amanda fears far more sinister forces are at work. When the young tour  guide is found dead on a nearby island, she and RCMP officer Chris Tymko  race to prevent more innocent deaths.

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