fortune croakies


Enchanting Inquiries Book 2

Author: Sam Cheever
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Release: 2020

Publisher: Sam Cheever


I wish my job as a magical librarian was  just about shuffling books and shushing people from behind a desk. Alas,  the magic I wrangle requires a bit more than shuffling and shushing.  And to make things worse, I have a frog and a cat, and I have no idea  how to use them!

Sure, I understand, we all have bills to pay. Personally, I could use  a bit of extra cash too. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t kill for it. At  least...not without dark magic influence. And that’s exactly the  problem.

Dark. Magic. Influence.

My first challenge for the day is finding that artifact and putting it under lock and key before it kills anybody else.

My second challenge is figuring out how to deal with a bossy frog and a pushy cat.

Which of the two do you suppose will give me the bigger headache?

Yeah. That’s what I think too. The frog and cat are going to be the death of my sanity.

Maybe I should put them under lock and key too.

©2019 Sam Cheever (P)2020 Sam Cheever